Thursday, June 28, 2007

Noelle & Connor

Here are a couple of photos of Noelle in the family baptism outfit - my grandfather wore it, my mother wore it, I wore it, and now Noelle wore it! These pictures were taken on May 29th.

And, here's one of Connor -

Credits & Thanks go to Amber on the photography.


oofie goofie said...

beautiful pictures, what a neat tradition!

Kathy said...

What a great heritage your family has had. I love that Noelle wore the same outfit that her great grandfather wore. I hope that you can tell her about him or at least your mom can. You know I love family and stories that go with them. Share the history from which your kids have come. By the way, the pictures of the kids are beautiful.

keri said...

I love the gown story. And I also love Connor's fancy tie outfit complete with Crocs. :)

Lance said...

Look for Noelle on the cover of next month's Vanity Fair. Connor might adorn the cover of GQ!

Thanks, Amber!