Thursday, May 31, 2007

Twister Yoga

Connor is at the age where he wants to try to play all the games we have in our game cabinet. We have games from our childhoods as well as when Trevor was younger. Some Connor can play, like "Don't Wake Up Daddy" and "Don't Break the Ice." Most he's way too young for, but the interesting ones are those we tweak to make them more fun for him. So, in "Connect Four" we play until we have put all the chips in, and then find and count the ones in a row (no winner or loser). In "Battleship" we make some really cool designs with the red & white pegs. What we played a long time today was Twister. Connor would spin and I would do what the arrow landed on (right hand on blue, left foot on yellow, etc), until I fell. Then I would spin and Connor would do the mat work. I highly recommend it to you all; I got some great stretching and strength work in - just like yoga! Next time we play I may put on some peaceful music and dim the lights.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lost & America Idol

My posts have been too serious - how about some fluff?

I can't believe they have the season finales of both Lost and American Idol on at the same time tomorrow night! I like to watch both shows, so I will be recording Lost and watching American Idol live. I remember last year when the power went out in our area during these same finales (Lance was watching an NBA playoff game). Neighbors were outside, and everyone was so upset about missing American Idol; I was the only one on our block watching Lost. Scott & Donna "saved the day" by buying the episode on iTunes and letting me watch it on their laptop (thanks!!).

Who are you rooting for on American Idol? I was hoping Blake & Jordin would be the final 2, although I also liked Melinda and LaKisha. I think Jordin should win, but I like Blake the best (and have all along).

And do I have any fellow Lost fans reading this blog? I think the last couple of episodes have been very exciting - Jacob??? Have you seen him? I didn't even know they flashed an image of him in that dark cabin until I read about it (and saw it) on an online message board. I am in the camp of people who think he's from the Black Rock (19th century clothing), and perhaps Richard is, too (he also had on old-fashioned clothing when he encountered young Ben in the jungle). And I don't think we've seen the last of Locke, do you?

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Turkey on my mind

- and not the Thanksgiving dinner kind.

Perhaps my mind is seeking some sort of diversion (you would think my family could provide enough), but I am astounded by how many times this last week that the country of Turkey has come to my attention. I have not been seeking it out, but it has come up nonetheless.

First, I regularly read the Six In The World blog ( because I think it is fascinating reading about this family's adventures as they spend a year traveling the world. Their current postings are on their stay in Turkey, and I have enjoyed hearing about the people, culture, politics & history. Both the family's posts and some comments left by others have brought up the country's current struggle between secular and Islamic controlled government, and the history behind it.

Second, I was emailed a very disturbing story about three Christians who were tortured and killed by Islamic extremists two weeks ago in Turkey. Here is a website showing their pictures and telling a bit of the story (

Third, both yesterday and today Yahoo news has had headlines regarding some serious political battles between those who want to uphold the country's constitutional mandate that the government remain secular and those who want the country to be controlled by Islamic parties ( I find it very interesting that the Turkish military has warned that they will do what is necessary to defend the constitution, ie. defend secularism, but both the US and the EU have warned Turkey's military to not defy their civilian leaders. So, in essence we are telling them that if Islamic extremists are elected and appointed by the elected, they must allow it. Our separation of church and state is upheld by our courts, not our military. Turkey does not have that luxury.

I feel that what is happening in Turkey is very important. Turkey is surrounded by Islamic states, and is in the midst of an internal battle to become one or not. Christian missionaries and converts were tortured and killed by young men who said "We did this for our country" and "We did it for our religion (Islam)." Finally, I cannot help but make the connection to the fact that the seven letters John wrote in Revelations, during a time Christians were oppressed and persecuted, were to seven Christian churches, all in modern day Turkey.