Thursday, May 31, 2007

Twister Yoga

Connor is at the age where he wants to try to play all the games we have in our game cabinet. We have games from our childhoods as well as when Trevor was younger. Some Connor can play, like "Don't Wake Up Daddy" and "Don't Break the Ice." Most he's way too young for, but the interesting ones are those we tweak to make them more fun for him. So, in "Connect Four" we play until we have put all the chips in, and then find and count the ones in a row (no winner or loser). In "Battleship" we make some really cool designs with the red & white pegs. What we played a long time today was Twister. Connor would spin and I would do what the arrow landed on (right hand on blue, left foot on yellow, etc), until I fell. Then I would spin and Connor would do the mat work. I highly recommend it to you all; I got some great stretching and strength work in - just like yoga! Next time we play I may put on some peaceful music and dim the lights.


Donna said...

That sounds like so much fun! You are such a good Mom to take the time to play all those games with Connor!

Lance said...

I offered to play with Connor just before lunch, but he wanted to keep playing with Mommy. "Just Mommy". Perhaps we can take some pictures next time, he was so cute trying to play Twister.

Hmmm... Twister Yoda - maybe we could market this!

Lance said...

Twister Yoga, I meant to say. LOL

Hmmm... Twister Yoda - maybe we could market this, too!

Red, place your right foot on...
Fall, you will.