Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lost & America Idol

My posts have been too serious - how about some fluff?

I can't believe they have the season finales of both Lost and American Idol on at the same time tomorrow night! I like to watch both shows, so I will be recording Lost and watching American Idol live. I remember last year when the power went out in our area during these same finales (Lance was watching an NBA playoff game). Neighbors were outside, and everyone was so upset about missing American Idol; I was the only one on our block watching Lost. Scott & Donna "saved the day" by buying the episode on iTunes and letting me watch it on their laptop (thanks!!).

Who are you rooting for on American Idol? I was hoping Blake & Jordin would be the final 2, although I also liked Melinda and LaKisha. I think Jordin should win, but I like Blake the best (and have all along).

And do I have any fellow Lost fans reading this blog? I think the last couple of episodes have been very exciting - Jacob??? Have you seen him? I didn't even know they flashed an image of him in that dark cabin until I read about it (and saw it) on an online message board. I am in the camp of people who think he's from the Black Rock (19th century clothing), and perhaps Richard is, too (he also had on old-fashioned clothing when he encountered young Ben in the jungle). And I don't think we've seen the last of Locke, do you?


oofie goofie said...

Adam is a huge fan of Lost. I watch until the intense part and have to leave for the last 15 minutes or so. Is Charlie still alive? I couldn't watch.

Donna said...

Yes, Charlie swam like a fish and made it to the underwater outpost alive!

Wow, Laura, I knew you liked Lost, but I didn't know you were so into it! I'll have to check out the image of Jacob. Interesting! I had forgotten about that huge power outage last year. No rain in the forecast tomorrow!

I agree with you on AI, Blake is my fav because he is so creative and original, but I think Jordan will win because she has the best voice.

Lance said...

American Idol should be called America Idle. How can so many people waste so much time, when they can be doing much more important things, such as watching the NBA playoffs???

I don't watch Lost much anymore, but I'm glad Charlie is okay. I'm a big fan of Drive Shaft ("You Are Everybody"!!!)

Scott said...

Love Lost! I love shows that make you think (Lost, Heroes). I remember the season finale last year like it was yesterday. We were in the emergency room with Shelby getting stiches when the power went out!

keri said...

I think Lance should be careful to judge those of us as "wasting time," lest he become sucked in next season and have to eat his words. Just as Clay DeLoach... ;)

I'm rooting for Blake. I thought he and Melinda would be in the top 2 so I was sad when she left last week. But I like Jordin, too, but I'm rooting for Blake.