Friday, August 31, 2007

Chicken & Cheese Enchilada Casserole

Chicken & Cheese Enchilada Casserole

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
4 tortillas (I used the low carb, high fiber ones)
1 can Progresso Chicken Cheese Enchilada soup
1 pkg sliced Pepper-Jack cheese

- Cook the chicken in the oven @ 350, covered, for at least an hour (I put them in still frozen, and cooked them for about an hour & a half)
- Leave the oven on when your doing the next steps
- Take each chicken breast and quickly shred it - with a fork - in a big bowl
- Open the can of soup, pour it over the chicken, mix it together
- In a round or square pan (I used the same one I cooked the chicken in), layer a tortilla, some chicken mixture, & cheese. Repeat until you're done. The way mine ended up, I had a top layer of cheese, tortilla, cheese.
- Bake, uncovered, @ 350, for around 20 minutes - you just want all the cheese to melt.

Now, this is a little spicy, even the soup itself, so use a milder cheese if you prefer. Trevor, Lance & I could have eaten more than I fixed. Both Trevor & Lance couldn't stop saying how much they loved this. Lance said, "this is a keeper; fix this anytime." Trevor agreed. Usually Trevor is not that excited about anything I fix, so it made me very happy to have him rave about a meal I fixed (so I thought - I must share this on my blog!).

I like many things about this meal - 1) there are very few ingredients, 2) since you're just cooking the chicken until it can be shredded, you have a lot of leeway on the initial cooking time, and I need that with my kids, 3) it is tasty & spicy, 4) it is low-carb, high protein, high fiber.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Consignment Sales

I first stepped foot in a children's consignment store in Connecticut, where I went in search of maternity clothes and left with all I needed plus a car seat and some baby clothes. Here in Chattanooga, I was a little disappointed in the local consignment stores (okay, to be fair, I've only been to the one on Hixson Pike near Ely Rd.). Then, some very nice friends at church let me know about the local semi-annual consignment sales. The first one I attended was the Jack & Jill sale at EastGate Mall, and I was hooked! I bought the bassinet and infant swing I needed, and lots of cute baby girl clothes. I think I'm even more excited about them since I have a cute baby girl to dress! I don't see why I should spend $30+ on an outfit when I can spend $5 or less and it looks the same as after I wash the new one.

In an effort to help me keep up with when the sales are, I have added a section to my blog (on the right) where I have links to the sales' websites. A few are coming up soon, so check them out! Oh, and if you know of any that I have not listed, please let me know and I will add them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A father's love

I hope you all have read Lance's latest blog entry about Noelle. My first thought after reading it was that it was a bit too sappy. But, the more I thought about it, the happier I was that he wrote it. I think there is a special love a father has for his daughter, and our culture does not really encourage men to write about it. I know my dad loved me so much, and not that I need it, but I would really treasure something written by him about me. So, all you dads out there, I encourage you to write periodically about your children, and how much you love them. Keep it somewhere safe and they can have it after you're gone.