Friday, October 26, 2007

What to blog about first?

I have gone weeks without blogging, and now that I have a chance to post something, I don't know what to talk about first. Maybe I'll just give a few highlights:

Bad news: Test results show that April has lupus. It is a genetic type of lupus that has caused her kidney damage. Please pray for her and for my mom. More about that later.

Good news: I have been so stressed out over trying to get Noelle to sleep in her crib, what with the lack of sleep and heartache of listening to her cry it out. Finally we seem to be reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. She was asleep tonight by 8:30 pm, and only whimpered a bit when I laid her in her crib. Of course, watch this be an anomaly... but still - I'll take it.

Interesting news: We piled in our new minivan and took a road trip to Albuquerque this month. We visited Lance's family, and took in the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and a challenging corn maze.

Concerning news: Have you heard about the new Nicole Kidman movie coming out called The Golden Compass? I haven't researched this on my own yet, but I've been told that it's based on a children's book series by atheist author Philip Pullman whose purpose in writing the books is to "kill God." Evidently the movie is very mild and can trick parents into thinking it would be okay to let their children read the series.

Local news: Don't miss out on the current Just Between Friends consignment sale at the Camp Jordan Arena. It's happening right now.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Name Tag

Keri tagged me for this, and I have been trying to come up with something ever since. Describe yourself using each letter of your name:

L oves to hear my children laugh
A wake way too often during the night with baby
U sually running late
R eally enjoys hiking
A lways tweaks recipes