Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Those shots hurt!

Poor little Noelle went in for her two month checkup today, and received three shots and an oral vaccine. I'm not sure which is hurting her the most, but she is so pitiful. She has mostly cried, slept or eaten since the doctor visit. Her cries are so heartbreaking, because I can tell she is hurting. Sometimes she just whimpers. She doesn't seem to have any fever, but the area around where she was pricked is red. I can't tell if it's swollen because she has such chubby thighs already. I will see how she does overnight, and I may call the doctor tomorrow if she is still crying in pain so much. Please pray for her.

On the positive side, she was deemed perfectly healthy at her checkup. She weighs 11 pounds, and is 22 inches long. She was adorable for the doctor, and showed her happy, smiling personality off. This was before the shots, of course.