Saturday, October 18, 2008

Noelle's Honey

Noelle is almost 22 months old, and her language and vocabulary are growing rapidly. One of my favorite things she is saying right now is ending a request with "honey." For instance:

"I wanna walk, honey."
"I wanna drink, honey."

Lance & I don't really think we say "honey" all that often. We feel like we call her sweetheart, darling, baby, or stinker much more than honey. And if we do use it, we usually start our sentences with it, like "Honey, I'm sorry but you cannot have any more."

Made cuter is that sometimes Noelle stresses the "honey" at the end of her sentence when she really wants something. Many times in Walmart, she repeats "I wanna eat pepperoni, honey" until she is tired of asking nicely and starts saying "I wanna eat pepperoni, HO-NEEEE!!!" I can't help but laugh.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Connor and the Tooth Fairy

Connor lost his first tooth two Saturdays ago. It was his bottom front right tooth. It was wiggly for only a few days before it fell out. On one of those days, he asked me if I could take him to the doctor to get the tooth pulled out because its wiggling was bothering him. I told him that it would probably get looser and looser until it just fell out (and it did).

The Tooth Fairy left him $1 under his pillow for the tooth.

The next night, as we were saying goodnight to him, Lance happened to reach under Connor's pillow almost accidentally and found a note that Connor had written - all by himself - thanking the Tooth Fairy. He signed his name, and had taped a quarter on it.

Evidently, the Tooth Fairy thought that was so nice that she took the note that night and left Connor another dollar!

Connor was asking me whether it was a one dollar bill or a five or ten, and I showed him how our paper money has the number value written in the corners.

Lance & I were wondering if this was going to go on, because we felt the Tooth Fairy should not continue to give dollars to Connor, but we waited to see what he would do next.

The next night as I said goodnight to him, I looked under his pillow and there was a little book he had made at school where he was practicing his writing. Before he had put it under his pillow, he had written the number 10 in each corner of every page. I asked him about the 10's, and as you might have guessed, he said he wanted to give the Tooth Fairy lots of 10 dollar bills. Of course I explained that money has to be the special money printed by our government and we're not really allowed to make our own. Besides, the Tooth Fairy would probably be more impressed with his nice penmanship in the book.

I also had to explain that the Tooth Fairy may not continue to come back night after night because she has so many teeth to collect from little children all over the world. He insisted on putting the book under his pillow anyway.

The book was still there in the morning, and it seemed like the Tooth Fairy had not come. Connor was a little sad, but now he's looking forward to loosing his next tooth.