Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Progress report on April

I am happy to report that April is doing well. She is not in any pain because she is on lots of medication. I was able to talk to my mom a little more about the situation, and I was also there when the doctor came in, so I was able to hear what he had to say. I feel I know a little more about her situation now.

Today they went in and took cell samples from three different areas of her left kidney. The doctor knows she has some type of nephritis, but he needs to know what type in order to treat her. The theory about strep infection causing the deterioration of her kidneys is still a theory, but not an absolute. He said we may never know the exact cause, so now he's focusing on how to treat her.

Because so much protein and some blood cells are leaving her body in her urine, the doctor thinks that has caused her lack of physical growth over the last 6+ months. Those of you who know her have noticed how thin she has gotten. Hopefully once the doctor gets the results of the biopsy, he will be able to treat her so her kidneys heal completely and begin functioning fully again. Then she should start growing!

The tissue samples were sent to Vanderbuilt, so we won't know anything for a week or two. April is not to do anything strenuous for a week, and nothing where she could fall or have an impact for a month (like no sports, climbing, bike riding). There is a risk of bleeding after an impact.

Thanks everyone for your prayers!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Prayer request for April

Please pray for April, my adopted little sister, for she is undergoing a kidney biopsy this Friday. She is only 9 years old and has had many difficulties already in her life, most I could not have even imagined when I was that age.

A few months ago my mom took her to the pediatrician for a routine physical which was required before church camp. Her urine had unusually high amounts of protein and a little blood, and she was immediately referred to a specialist. The specialist has spent most of the time since then running many tests (April is very tired of having her blood drawn), only to still be a little puzzled as to what is causing her kidneys to function so poorly, and how to treat it.

I think the current theory is that at one time April had a strep infection that settled in her kidneys. She does not have the strep infection now, but it seems her kidneys have suffered permanent damage. I think the biopsy will help the doctor determine what can be done to help her.

The biopsy is schedule for 1pm Friday at TC Thompson's. They will keep her over-night. Please pray for peace for April & my mom. Thank you!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

How smart are you?

Finally a test that makes me feel smart!
(Inspired by Virginia)

How smart are you?

Try it out - I dare you!

Enough with the screaming already!

Noelle is currently in a screaming phase (at least I hope it's a phase). When she wants attention, or she's unhappy about her situation, or she wants something to eat, or she's very excited, or just when she feels like it, she screams. She screams so loudly that my ear drums hurt. I try to ignore her or to give negative feedback, because I want to discourage it. But, of course, when a baby lets out an ear-piercing scream, people stop & look. So, she gets attention. And I'm worried that will encourage her.

She is adorable, though. She's trying to crawl, and it's so cute. She is good at rolling, and pushing from the crawling position into a sitting position. In getting into a sitting position, she has to have her weight on her arms while she scoots her legs up. So, soon she will be crawling. She doesn't have any problem getting something she wants, and somehow moves all over a room.