Saturday, June 2, 2007

Cutting Teeth

Well, Noelle's first little tooth has appeared - her bottom left. Not the whole tooth, just a little white dot. But we can feel and see it. I tried to take a picture just now, but she was too tired. We knew she was acting like she was teething for the last two weeks, and we tried to feel her gums every time our hands were clean, but tonight was the first time we felt a tooth! Lance was the discoverer.

Noelle has also started eating. She's been eating for about a week now, mostly pears and sweet potatoes. She is a great eater. I have just started mixing in a tiny bit of rice cereal. With Connor, I remember when he was so interested in watching me eat, and I felt he wanted to eat, too, but the doctors were big on waiting until the 6 month mark. When Connor finally turned 6 months, he would not eat. When he was 7 1/2 months, I called his pediatrician to ask if I should be worried that he refused to eat, and they sent over a speech therapist and an occupational therapist (in case there was something wrong with his tongue or mouth, I guess). Those nice ladies determined that he was actually advanced orally (he could make so many sounds), but he did not like the texture of baby food or cereal. They offered him a Cheerio (I was worried he would choke on it), and he loved it. He ate Cheerios for a while, then slowly started eating baby food (he never ate the baby cereal, and still doesn't like oatmeal). As you can tell by his plump baby pictures, there was no chance he was malnourished.

Well, Noelle's doctor is less strict about the 6 month mark, and said I could start solids any time between 4 and 6 months, whenever I felt she was ready. Right around 5 months old I noticed her showing the same interest in my eating as Connor had when he was around the same age, so I decided to start. She loves to eat! She is not averse to cereal texture. It does not seem to hamper her nursing, either.

I suppose the only other news we have is that Trevor made 3 A's and a B on his report card this semester. The numerical grades were 97, 97, 94 & 90. We are very proud of him. He's been helping my mom out a lot these past few days, doing lots of yard work and some house cleaning. We're proud of him for doing that also. Next year he will be a senior in high school; I can't believe how fast time flies!


Donna said...

I cannot believe Noelle already has a tooth!

That is wonderful that Trevor did so well in school this semester, even though he was dealing with Mike's death.

Lance said...

Noelle is so precious. Finally, I get the chance to feed her too!

oofie goofie said...

Great job, Trevor! Sometimes we forget that you have an older one, too. Shame on me! He's a jewel too!