Thursday, July 5, 2007

Big Baby

While still precious in every way, Noelle is a very big baby (just like her big brother Connor was)! She went for her 6 month well baby check-up this week, and weighed in at 18 pounds 1 ounce, and measured 26 inches in length. That is 80th percentile for weight and 50th for height. She was perfectly healthy in every way.

Let's see... what is she doing right now?
She is making more and more sounds, she is sitting in the highchair (where she loves to eat her favorites - fruits), she is sitting briefly without support, she is squealing to get attention, and she is a mommy's girl. She is very used to her mommy being around all the time, and doesn't much like anyone else to hold her (or for her mommy to leave the room). When she's in a good mood, though, she does love to play with her daddy. Connor makes her smile most of the time, laugh sometimes, and cry sometimes when he is just too much. When she is playing with something special and drops it, she starts crying until we hand it back to her. She loves to shake rattles and bang things, but sometimes she accidentally bonks herself in the head or face, and that makes her cry. She still hates tummy time, although she can go a full minute or two before the protesting begins (this is better than the few seconds she used to go). She spends a lot of time in her exersaucer, which is how mommy gets to do laundry, and cook & clean in the kitchen.


oofie goofie said...

I used to worry because Hannah was so big, so big that she has always been off the chart, rather than tell me what percentile she is, they tell me at what age she fits into the normal range, for instance at her 8 year old check up, she was in the 50th% for 10 year olds. The doctor has always told me that generally big babies are big because they get such good care :)

Lisa said...

She is such a cutie. You are a great mommy to her! It was fun to read all the things she is doing now-so many sound like Ava!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute. I think she looks a lot like Connor.

Lance said...

We have also noted that Noelle is really intrigued by Athena. Noelle actually pets Athena, but often grabs Athena's hair. Athena likes to lick Noelle's feet.