Friday, March 21, 2008

The first anniversary, without

Today was my parent's wedding anniversary. This day was very hard on my mom. Last year, my dad got finished with a meeting early, called my mom, and they went out to eat. She said it was such a nice dinner; the food was perfect, their conversation perfect. They had no idea it would be their last anniversary.
My father's father died in his sleep at the age of 62. After his death, my father began exercising passionately. He was always active, but this was when he really began jogging. That was in 1980, and he exercised just about every weekday since. I think he didn't want what happened to his father to happen to him. He didn't want to leave his family early, he wanted to live a long time. He loved kids, and really loved his grandkids. Of course, they loved him too!
My dad really enjoyed exercising. He jogged, swam, did the resistance circuit, took aerobic and spin classes. He was great at water skiing. He loved playing tennis, basketball, volleyball, and softball. He had regular checkups. Sometimes with a death there is something to blame - another person, an unhealthy lifestyle, a disease. With my dad, there is nothing to blame. In fact, what weighs heavily on my mind is how hard he worked to keep himself healthy, to be there for his wife and family.
Of course, I am thankful that I did get to have him in my life as long as I did. And, on this anniversary, I am grateful to my parents for showing me a loyal, committed marriage. I hope you all enjoy these photos taken at my parents' wedding, today's date, so many years ago.


Donna said...

Laura, Those are beautiful pictures of your Mom and Dad! Your Mom's veil is so lovely!

I will be praying for your Mom. I could tell she wasn't doing so good when I talked to her on Sunday.

I wonder if she would like to have another softball team work day at her house this Spring?

Keri said...

Thanks for posting that, Laura. I know these next weeks will be hard for you and have been thinking of you a lot. Your parents were/are amazing! I love the wedding pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Laura, thanks for sharing the pictures and your memories. Your Dad will always be a special person to me. I think about him every time I do the cryptoquote in the newspaper (I think he's the only person I ever knew who liked those things!) and say a little prayer for your Mom and family.
Anyway- those pictures made me smile. We'll be praying your Mom can find some joy in her memories on this day too.

Lisa said...

I remembered them on Friday and prayed for your mom. I will continue to pray for you all this week. Our anniversary is on the 31st-we will think of your family each year now since his funeral was on that day. Love you.

Leah said...

Laura, I worked with your dad. I too lost my dad 4 years ago this month at a very early age (he was 51). The first couple of anniversaries were nearly unbarable, but as more have passed, and new little ones have come into my life, I am finding more reasons each day to Celebrate my dad and the wonderful legacy he left our family.

The day I attended your dads funeral, was also the day I found out I was pregnant with my second child. It was a bitter sweet day, that I will never forget. So Friday our family will be remebering and celebrating your dad, who made family his priority. Thanks for sharing him with us.

Amy said...

Dear Laura,
My heart goes out to you and your family (especially that wonderful mother you have!). When I am at work there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of your dad - it can be pretty difficult at times because you can still hear his voice or you are just waiting for him to walk around the corner to tell you something. I really do miss his sense of humor and his smile.
The pictures are beautiful! I thank you for sharing them with us so that we can all grieve this week together. We not only lost a boss but a friend. Mike was a friend. When Cody played on Andrew's team that season at the Kids Club, Mike was such an encourager and motivator to the kids even when the coach wasn't.
When I am feeling sad about Mike's passing I always try to think that God is showing your dad the plans for the mansions and He wants your dad to make sure that everything is perfect for his family.
Always know that I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers and that I love you very much.
Please keep in touch!