Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Decorating Easter Eggs

Yesterday we decorated Easter eggs.

First, we boiled a dozen eggs. Then we ate 5 of them (Noelle's first boiled eggs, and she ate almost 3)!

Second, we drew designs (flowers, swirls, etc) on the eggs with crayons.

Third, I mixed up three shades of egg dye powder, vinegar & water.

Fourth, we gently dipped the eggs in the little bowls of dye. Aren't they pretty?

During this process, Noelle became very impatient, so I put her in her high chair with a measuring cup of crushed ice, a baby spoon, and another cup, so she could transfer the ice chips back & forth (and eat some, too). I've tried this set-up with other items, like cereal, but ice chips are so much easier to clean up.

Connor has really been into Easter egg hunts this year. In fact, we've "practiced" almost every day by taking turns hiding a little plastic egg or a tennis ball and letting the other person find it.


Donna said...

What great pictures, Laura! My kids love hard boiled eggs too, but I always forget about making them after Easter is over.

Anonymous said...

I thought that my little Granny Ruby was the only person who colored eggs with crayons! I LOVED doing Easter Eggs with her every year! What a blessing a family is...
Love, APT

Lance said...

Great job, Laura! I did not know about the crayon trick. The eggs look great and I'm glad the kids love to eat them!