Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday my baby

Here we are at December 20th again. One year ago I went to what was to be a quick prenatal checkup, and because of Noelle's sustained rapid heartbeat, we walked over to the hospital to be induced right away. There ended up being nothing wrong with her heart; her heart rate fell back into the normal range at some point during the labor and stayed there. When asked what could have caused the rapid heart rate earlier in the day, the neonatologist joked that she just must have been ready to be born.

My dad came to the hospital as soon as he heard I was in labor, and stayed the whole time (when it was time to push, he went to the family waiting room). If you knew my dad, you know we had great conversations throughout the day - perhaps what made the labor go so well.

We still had not decided on a name, although Noelle was at the top of our list. My labor nurse was named - - Noel; the first one we had ever met. So, I guess that sealed our decision.

I had the best labor ever, and with the help of the pitocin drip and epidural, it was relatively quick and painless. I still can't believe what our bodies go through to have a baby!

I was so hungry by the time it was all over, and they weren't serving dinner any longer, that my dad went to Panera and brought me back a sandwich. I will forever hold dear the memories of my dad on that wonderful December 20th day.

Happy First Birthday my dear little Noelle. I love you so much.


Keri said...

Oh, what a wonderful day, Laura! We are so thankful for Noelle, too. :) Tell her to have a happy birthday.

Lisa said...

Happy birthday sweet girl and sweet mommy! We are so blessed to have known Noelle for this first year of her life. Thanks for sharing about your dad. I can just imagine him being beside you and going to Panera for you. He was such an amazing man. Hope you all have had a wonderful day!

oofie goofie said...

Happy Birthday, Noelle!