Sunday, December 9, 2007

First Steps

Noelle took her first steps tonight! She took one step at church, and then later at home she took two full steps before falling. I suppose she's not officially a walker until she can really walk around, but we hit a big milestone tonight!

She has started drinking whole milk from a baby sippy cup, but still nurses pretty much the same as before the cup. Maybe she needs more? Her favorite foods are yogurt, crackers, Eggos, and Chic-fil-A soup. Oh, and my chicken & brown rice was a big hit with her the other night.

I can't believe she's almost one year old!


oofie goofie said...

That was soooo exciting! We all squealed!
My boys were still very good nursers at 1.... I think you are doing great!

Lisa said...

Yay for Noelle! Somehow when they start walking they suddenly seem to grow up.
And I'm still nursing a couple of times a day too...I think I would like to stop, but I don't know that Ava is ready. So we'll just wait and see. : )