Monday, November 26, 2007

Mary B's Parker House Rolls

I must blog about the showdown we had on Thanksgiving Day -

Sister Schubert's vs Mary B's Parker House style yeast rolls.

I thought they were both delicious, but everyone else voted for Mary B's. Cody observed that Mary B's had more of a buttery taste that caused him to choose hers. So, I thought I would share with you, just in case you are shopping for some frozen yeast rolls and wonder if Mary B's can compete with Sister Schubert's.

I went searching the web for a photo of Mary B's, but couldn't find one. I did find a blog post where someone was raving about Mary B's Dumplings. I might have to try those next!


Donna said...

Laura, Scott and I went to Walmart today and bought some of the Mary B's yeast rolls. I had never noticed them before. I hope we like them because they are cheaper too! We also got some of the dumplings. I can't wait to try making some chicken dumplings!

NYC said...

Where can you find either in the north? After Maryland I don't even SEE yeast rolls!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are'nt any frozen yeast rolls available in the sores in the north I live in Boston but Im from atlanta and I have to bring Mary B's rolls back on the plane with me Mary B's rolls are way better than sister Shuberts no contest and I can only find them at super walmarts.

Anonymous said...

Mary B's Parker House Style Yeast Rolls....are made by sister schuberts! Show the bottom of the back label to anyone who noticed a difference, then laugh at them.