Monday, November 5, 2007

Bath Time Fun

Connor & Noelle love to take a bath.

On a side note...

Noelle is doing very well going to bed now. My new routine with Noelle flows like this: dinner, bath, PJs, dark room, soft music, nursing, crib. She is doing so much better falling asleep. I think all kids are different and you have to find what works best for your baby (and family). Connor did okay with co-sleeping, and I thought I would never be a cry-it-out mom. Noelle was simply not getting enough sleep when co-sleeping with me, and neither was I. I somehow survived the week and a half of long cry-it-out nights. I learned that going in periodically to lay her down or pat her back just prolonged the agony. Every time I left she got mad again. So, for us, leaving and not coming back is the only thing that worked. She is now doing very well going to sleep. Tonight she had 20 minutes of crying, but most nights she cries less than a minute before falling asleep. Yea!

Now, back to my bath time topic...

Tonight, Connor was having fun in the bathtub serving us his make-believe refreshments. He loves to make up his own names for the pretend drinks he was serving us. Our favorite was something called "chance-a-ray" and we said no-thank-you to something called "bum-chocolate."

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Keri said...

Good for you for letting her cry it out. I did it with both of mine and Mathis still cries sometimes, but it's only for a minute. They really do learn to fall asleep themselves and it is a lifelong skill. You are such a great mom. One thing I remember reading was to always watch the clock when you are letting them cry, because 10 minutes can seem like 2 hours to your emotional side. It helps to watch the clock and stay objective.
We missed you at the retreat, and I loved the speed-greeting, which I heard was your idea. :)