Saturday, January 13, 2007

Connor & Noelle

Here is my favorite picture (so far) of Connor looking at Noelle. He really loves her.
The first thing he asks when he comes in the door or wakes up is "where is my baby sister?"
He wants to sit by her, and he put a stool next to the changing table so he can watch every time we change her diaper. When she cries, he sings to her.


keri said...

The sibling love is one of the greatest joys to me. Rachel was (still is) the same way with Mathis. If he cries, she will sing to him or give him her prized "pink ellie." It's so sweet that Connor loves her. I'm glad he's not jealous. And I'm very happy to hear the nursing is going well! YAY!

Lisa said...

Ava has that outfit too! So sweet.