Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sunday on the ship

After our ship set sail from Seattle, many of us went up to deck 12 for the send-off party. Here's cousin Dan in the white jacket and Connor showing his usual energy level:

Here we are trying to get a good picture of all the cousins on board. They are each about 3 years apart: Dan is 13, Ryan 10, Brandon 7, Connor 4, and Noelle 1.

Here's the view from that afternoon, of sun rays breaking through the clouds onto mountains in the distance. Beautiful.
Lance took a few shots of the ship. Here's the front (I'm sure there's a more accurate, nautical term for it):

Here's the highest part of the ship (again, I'm sure there's an official term):

And here was what our room looked like (this is a stock picture from the cruise line, but our room looked exactly like this):


Donna said...

Was there glass behind them in the picture with all the cousins together? It looks like they could fall right off the boat!

Laura said...

Yes, that's glass behind them.

Before I left, I was a little bit worried about a kid falling off the boat, but it was pretty safe. We knew we couldn't leave them unattended on the balcony, of course, because either one of them could have climbed up on a chair or table and leaned too far over the railing.