Saturday, June 14, 2008

I interrupt this trip...

I must pause in my long, drawn out string of pictures & posts about our cruise to Alaska. I am just too sad right now.

My friend Crystal has been told some bad news. Her cancer has spread to her brain, and the tumors in her lungs have grown. They are stopping the chemo, and starting radiation in order to shrink the size of the tumors and give her some relief. She should be going home from the hospital in the next couple of days under hospice care. I have prayed and prayed; I have cried and cried. She is such a wonderful Christian mother with seven little children to raise!

Tomorrow is Fathers' Day. I need to get my act together and get or do something for Lance, but instead I'm just grieving over not having my dad. I'll read a little article about creative Fathers' Day presents, and just think about how my dad would have loved them.

I guess death is supposed to be sad. We're not supposed to like it. I feel for Tim Russert's family, because I know the shock and grief they're experiencing right now. Tim was born the same year as my dad, and it sounds like his death was just as sudden.

My dad had so many people depending on him. Crystal has so many people depending on her. As much pain as I have felt over losing my dad, thinking about the what Crystal's family is experiencing right now is just unbearable.


Anonymous said...

Laura, I cannot imagine your grief but I feel the same way about Crystal's situation. This is such a deep feeling that I don't know how to pray! But am thankful the Holy Spirit is here to intercede and to comfort. I've also really struggled with Tim Russert's death for some reason. Life is so precious and sometimes so short. It's one of those days I'm glad to "lean not on my own understanding" because I sure can't make sense of it all.

Keri said...

I know, Laura. I know. I've been feeling the same things about the same people and even thinking about you and your dad this weekend, too. I'm so sorry. It is hard and sad and I totally second all of what Julie just said.

grace said...

I am sorry to hear about your sad news May the peace of God that surpasses understanding be with you