Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pretty Amazing Grace

I like Neil Diamond. I know many people don't, especially if they are under the age of 40 (which I still am). But I like him, and his music.

So, I enjoyed American Idol this week, with the contestants singing two Neil Diamond songs each. I thought Jason Castro's voice was well suited for the songs, while David Archuleta'a voice was a bit too young and smooth. David Cook was awesome, as usual. I had to fast-forward through Syesha's performance because even though she is beautiful and has a great voice, it's just not my cup of tea. (Funny, because other people loved her the best yet they can't stand Neil Diamond.) Then there's poor Brooke who got voted off this week. I really like her as a person (and would love to have her as my kids' nanny). Her voice is more suited to folksy ballads (which I love).

What drove me to blog about American Idol is the song Neil Diamond sang last night - Pretty Amazing Grace. Yes, it is what I hoped it would be - a testament to God's very amazing grace extended to him. Neil wrote this song for his new album about to be released, and he said the songs are very personal. I am proud that Neil wrote the song, and that American Idol had him sing it. I think I will be buying his album.

Check out the song, I think it is very good -


Keri said...

Oh, I know! I was so sad over Brooke because I have always thought she was so genuine and I'm sad that she got voted off. I thought she and David Cook would be the top 2, but anyway.

And I really liked the Amazing Grace song, too, even though I couldn't have told you the name of any Neil Diamond song.

Lance said...

Pretty Amazing Grace may have been well intended, but it was pretty boring to me! I'll admit, I am a closet Neil Diamond fan and I find him to be very humble and genuine. I look forward to his new album, though I think it is only being released on 8-track tape! :)