Thursday, April 24, 2008

Too much stuff!

Have you watched the 20-minute movie entitled "The Story of Stuff" yet? I just did.

I already had an aversion to stuff. I know I have amassed a bunch of stuff over the years, despite the fact that I really don't like to shop. Every few years we "purge" some of our stuff, and we absolutely cannot believe how much stuff we have that we need to get rid of.

I'm glad I watched the movie. I think the maker is pretty left-wing, and even though I am pretty right-wing, I still agree with much of what she says, especially about how we became a nation of consumers. I also agree that it would be best if we consumed a bit less.

Don't we all remember when we were kids and it seemed like we had a lot of stuff, but it was nothing compared to what kids have today?

Check it out:


Donna said...

Amen to alot of what she said! I would love to get rid of the TV that makes us want more and more! Wasteful packaging and cheap stuff made to break makes me sick!

Lance said...

A very entertaining way to look at the big problems we are creating with our way of life. Not a balanced presentation, though. Still, I would recommend this to everyone.