Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hello real world

Since Noelle has arrived, Lance has been the one who takes Connor to movies. Monday, however, I talked Lance into letting me take Connor to a movie. I was looking forward to spending time with Connor & to seeing a movie in a theater (I can't remember the last time I did that). I was in for a few shocks!

First of all, since Lance normally pays for everything, I had some serious sticker shock at the ticket counter and especially at the concession counter! I had to ask the girl to confirm the prices a few times because I could not believe how expensive the popcorn and drinks are. What a scam!

Okay, we got our (small yet still expensive) popcorn and water, and settled in to watch The Spiderwick Cronicles. The theater is full of children, mind you. At one point in the movie, the dad says to his son "I love you." During the brief silent moment that followed, someone in the audience yelled out "Bull sh**!" I could not believe it! With all the kids sitting around. What can you do? Only watch movies at home, I suppose. (We would save quite a bit of money that way.)

Connor was well behaved and seemed to enjoy the movie. There were many times I thought he might be scared, but he wasn't. I enjoyed the outing with Connor, although next time I think I'll take him to a playground.

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