Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh how my baby loves blueberries

Noelle loves blueberries. She can eat a whole pack in one sitting if we let her. We have to hide them in the fridge, because if she spots them then she must have them. I'm currently letting her have quite a few every day, because they are healthy, they have vitamin C which helps her body absorb the iron suplements, and they prevent her from having constipation that the extra iron can cause. I kind of think the cold blueberries must feel good on her new molars, too.

Sleep is not going well for Noelle right now. She has started staying up very late (past 9 pm), and screaming for me every time she wakes up in the night. She outlasts us. I let her cry for about 10 minutes, and then I go up and nurse her, then lay her down. She almost always wakes up as soon as I lay her down, and then Lance is the one who goes up and rescues her after she has screamed for a while. He walks her around until she falls asleep. I'm wondering what will happen when he goes out of town on an upcoming business trip - will we go back to the cry it out method simply because I get so exhausted in the night? It is harder to do the cry it out method now because she screams so loud! And usually ends up throwing up. So, I weigh the trouble I'll go through changing her and the sheets with the benefit of her going to sleep on her own, eventually. Her screaming wakes up Trevor & Connor, too.

Let me post some about how cute she is during the day. She is a great walker now, even running around. She loves to run around with Connor, and that is when we hear lots of laughter from her. She is very good at putting wooden puzzle pieces back where they go, and also loves other activities where she gets to put objects in a slot or hole (this is good for her future Montessori lessons, so I've been encouraging it). She also loves to brush her hair. She "loves on" all kind of things, not just baby dolls. One of the cutest examples is one time she was sitting on the ledge right inside the refrigerator door, and took out the Dale's Steaksauce bottle, "loved" on it, then put it back. She did it a few more times, and it was so sweet, even though I was stressing about the cold air leaving the fridge (or the warm air entering, I never can remember how that goes).

She's not really talking yet. Her most clear communication is when she wants to nurse: she does the sign language movement for nursing (or milk), and she says "mama mama mama." She says "Hi" and waves hello. She knows sign language for "more" and makes the "mmmmm" sound when she wants something to eat. I really want to take her to a baby sign language class, because it seems she does best when she can combine signing with speach.


Sue Isbell said...

i'm so glad that you are doing sign language. i did with Faith quite a bit. we took two different classes but mostly learned a lot of it on our own. as soon as she could say the words, she stopped doing the signs and i was kind of disappointed as I still want to do them. it's fun. i have some fun dvd's that you can borrow and some books that Faith would sit and look at by herself and then come to me and do the signs. it's so cute.
i love the "loving" the steak sauce.
Faith does things like that too and she always asks God to bless really funny, ordinary things too, like "God bless the toothbrush and toothpaste"

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