Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

We had a very special Thanksgiving in 2008, because we were able to celebrate it with so much of our family. All the "local" family was there, of course. My brother & his 4 kids were able to drive up from Atlanta. Trevor was home from college, and best of all my grandmother was able to join us. (Trevor drove all the way to Memphis to get her.) My mom cooked - so much that no one could even sample everything she made.

Of course we missed my dad, and there were some sad moments, like when my mom said that the corn we were eating was planted and harvested by him. I think we're just barely starting to reach the point where we can talk about him without having to immediately stop because we get too emotional. For me, thinking about the corn brought back memories of my dad being so happy to pick & shuck corn - who is happy about that? He would get home from work, change, and ask who wanted to join him picking corn? I remember taking Connor, when he couldn't even walk, and he sat in the grass and tried to eat the raw corn that we had just picked & shucked.

That is a trait I wish I had more of - doing what needs to be done with enthusiasm and happiness. My dad did that. I want to do a better job of it.

Here are a few pictures from the day:

This is Noelle & Hannah (the two youngest cousins) collaborating on their Scrabble game. We think they are the smartest (and cutest) in the family.

It wouldn't be a trip to Nana's house without jumping on the trampoline. Noelle loves to jump!

And here we all are. I hope I have a lot of my grandmother's genes, because doesn't she look fantastic for being one week shy of 90 years old???


Virginia said...

I love that you are catching us up on everything. I tend to not bother posting something if I can't manage to get it done in a week. You've inspired me!

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