Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yearbook Your Husband

Here is a photo from Yearbook Yourself of Lance (using a current photo of him) as he would have looked had he graduated in 1988 (with my class). I love this one, because he looks so much like the guys I remember from my high school class.


Here is his actual senior picture, taken in 1979, for his 1980 graduating class. (Now you see where Connor & Noelle get their blonde hair!)


Anonymous said...

Wow, do I ever see where Connor and Noelle get their blonde hair. Thanks for sharing.

Lance said...

Triva: If you click on the picture, and look at my right wrist, you can see where I burned myself on McDonald's grill while cooking hamburgers (Note: I am no longer an employee at McDonalds).

Anonymous said...

Funny bit o' trivia Lance :-)
I'm sure your kids are sad to hear you are "no longer an employee at McDonalds"! The Wendy's near us has it's Now Hiring Managers sign out and Emily keeps beggin Chris to work there so she can get free food :-)
Anyway- loved the pictures. I seriously think they used Chris' picture to create that 1980's picture! I'll post the real thing one day.