Friday, July 4, 2008

Welcome Tanya

We are having a great time with our Belarus daughter-for-a-month, Tanya. Connor absolutely adores her and wants to play with her every waking moment. She has had some English classes, so we can communicate better than I expected, although there are many times she wants to tell me something and cannot find the words.
We looked up how much her call to Belarus was the first night and discovered, causing our mouths to fall open, that it was over $5 per minute. So, after a recommendation from a neighbor and some online research, we downloaded Skype for free and now she can talk to her parents for around 22 cents per minute (a little better, don't you think?). If her parents had a computer, internet, and downloaded Skype, they could talk for free, with video & sound!!! What a cool age we live in. But, her parents do not have a computer or access to one. So, we just use our computer to call her parents' home phone.
Here are some photos of her over the last day and a half:


Keri said...

How awesome!!! She's adorable. I love that she loves playing with Connor. What a special thing for your family to do. :)

Donna said...

I'm so glad to hear Tanya is enjoying her visit! I can't wait to meet her!