Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cool websites

I have found a couple of websites where I have recently spent a bit of my time, and I thought I'd share:

Time waster: has all these crazy quizzes you can take. I don't know why they are so addictive, perhaps because they are really short and I feel I can take just one more, or perhaps because some of them are so bizarre I want to know how I'll do on them.

Useful: has the nutritional info for all kinds of foods, by brand or by restaurant. I just read about this site in Newsweek. I have been wanting to find a place to look up how many calories (and fat, carbs, protein, etc) are in particular food items we buy at fast food or sit down restaurants. I know that some of those delicious meals in nicer restaurants are swimming in butter and/or cream sauce, and sometimes wonder just how bad they are for me. Now I can find out.

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adamandruth said...

Thanks, Laura. I was wondering just today where Keri and others find those fun things to put on blogs.